YubiKey: Touch Authentication

Authentication complete with just a simple touch!

YubiKey is a multi-factor authentication device brought to you by Yubico, a company based in the United States and Sweden. 

As it will be recognized as a legacy keyboard device, it can be used easily without the need for downloading any special software or drive. 

YubiKey can be managed with V-FRONT, and can be used along with mobile/card OTP, push, QR code, email, and SMS forms of authentication as a Two-Factor Authentication device. 

  • No password required
  • No keyboard or separate key-in required
  • Cannot leak information even if destroyed
  • No battery required
  • No risk for a master key leakage
  • Impossible to duplicate
  • Faster, easier, and safer authentication support even compared to SMS, Legacy Token, Mobile OTP App, and Token OTP
  • Compatible with USB, USB C Type, and NFC
  • Provision of USB HID and Smart Card Authentication Device
  • Supports a range of different OS platforms
  • Shock-proof and waterproof
  • Compatible with high-security technology requirements: FIPS 140-2 certification

The YubiKey Series

YubiKey 4
YubiKey 4 Nano
YubiKey 4C
YubiKey 4C Nano

Make a range of Two-Factor/Two-Channel Authentication possible with V-FRONT!

  • Touch authentication(YubiKey)
  • PUSH authentication 
  • QR code authentication
  • Mobile OTP authentication
  • OTP card authentication(hard token: credit card-sized OTP token)
  • SMS authentication(SMS: Short Message Service)
  • E-mail authentication

Product Introduction Video

※ This video was produced by Yubico.